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QM Consumer Bromadiolone

Rodenticide bait pasta

Rodenticide with fulminant action against rats and mice. It produces one hundred percent mortality and is active in a single ingestion.

The components of appetizing attraction, integrated in the rodenticide bait, are perceived by rodents at an extraordinary distance. Attracts rodents and eliminates them.

Case 150 gr

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.


  • It is effective at very small doses but does not produce effects before 48 hours, even if it is ingested in high doses, which prevents the rest of the rats and mice from distrusting the baits and continuing to eat them.
  • Special for treatments with consumption problems, where there are other foods.
  • Great resistance to hardening.
  • Does not crumble.
  • With bitterness to prevent accidental intake by pets.

How to use

Ready-to-use pasta bait.