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MURIBROM Brodifacoum Block

Rodenticide bait in block

Special rodenticide for humid places. Express action, eliminates very quickly with a single shot.

Combines maximum palatability and moisture resistance. Eliminates rats and mice, even with minimal intake by the rodent. Extraordinary appetite for all kinds of rodents.

Its multi-edge surface satisfies the gnawing habit.

Case 200 gr

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.


  • It is effective at very small doses but does not produce effects before 48 hours, even if it is ingested in high doses, which prevents the rest of the rats and mice from distrusting the baits and continuing to eat them.
  • With very tasty cereals.
  • With bitterness to prevent accidental intake by pets.

How to use

Block bait ready-to-use.