Our commitment is to be the reliable partner for the future for Pest Control companies

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Because you are looking for a very effective product. We offer durable solutions manufactured by us. The health of your business requires a product that eliminates pests in work spaces and also respects the environment.

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Domestic consumption

Protect your home. We have domestic solutions to eliminate house pests. Find the solution. We have been developing and manufacturing our products for over 50 years to ensure they are effective and easy to use.

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Your facility provides shelter and food, both for your livestock and for insects, parasites and rodents. That is why you are looking for a complete solution to suit the needs of your business. We offer effective and long-lasting solutions for livestock environments. Protect your investment and guarantee the hygiene of your installation.


Industrial wood protection

Sunlight, humidity variations, fungi and insects… Wood requires a powerful and effective treatment. Our solutions protect the natural beauty of wood, ensuring that it does not swell and remains free of insects.