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Ants Trap

Bait trap for ants

Eliminate the ants and definitively destroy the anthill. Eliminate the anthill by chain effect. The ants consume the bait and do not die instantly, they transport it to the anthill where they contaminate the rest of the ants and destroy it in a few days. Very attractive bait to attract ants from a distance. Indicated for interior and exterior use.

Blister with 2 traps

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.


  • It works by chain effect, the ants do not die immediately so they can transmit the bait to the anthill, contaminate it and destroy it.
  • It acts effectively against all types of ants, even the most resistant ones.
  • Eliminates the queen ant.
  • Safe, comfortable and clean system, the ants enter and leave the trap consuming the bait.

How to use

Place the trap in the path of the ants or near the anthill.