VIRIBIOL Concentrado INSECTICIDA + DESINFECTANTE | Insecticidas | Ganadería | Quimunsa

VIRIBIOL Concentrate Insecticide + Disinfectant

Bactericide, fungicide and insecticide disinfectant

BACTERICIDE, great bactericidal action, effective against Gram (+), Gram (-) bacteria, fungi, spores, mycoplasmas…
INSECTICIDE, insecticide of maximum efficacy and broad spectrum against all types of flying and crawling insects. Speed of action.

Indicated for application in livestock environments where the elimination of infectious sources is required: facilities, surfaces, equipment, transport vehicles, containers, etc.

1 L – 5 L

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.


  • In the same application it disinfects and eliminates insects.
  • Powerful disinfectant and detergent activity, allows cleaning and disinfecting at the same time.
  • Very effective against flying and crawling insects (flies, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, Alphitobius…).
  • Maximum effectiveness even against microorganisms protected by dirt, grease or organic matter.

How to use

Application by spraying / nebulization of the product diluted in water.

Dosage: Dosage: 1 litre / 150 L of water. • Maintenance dose: 1 litre /300 L of water.

Yield: 1 L of diluted product for 5 m2.