Muribrom® Flocoumafen 0,005 | Raticidas | Quimunsa

Muribrom® Flocoumafen 0,005

Formulated with the powerful active ingredient Flocoumafen with total efficacy against rats and mice. It is lethal with a single ingestion and with a lower consumption of bait. Its effectiveness is guaranteed even against the most resistant and difficult to combat rat pests. Highly attractive without additional aromas.

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.


  • Requires less bait and fewer applications for a total control.
  • Savings in the total cost of treatment.
  • Very attractive, it guarantees rapid intake by the rat and ensures the lethal dose of the rodenticide with only 1.25 gr.

How to use

Inside/ Around buildings

  • Rats 45-60 gr. per bait point.
  • Mice 15-30 gr. per bait point.

Direct application in burrows (only around buildings): 45-60 gr. by burrow.