BR® Consumer Bromadiolone Block 0,0029 Fusión | Raticidas | Quimunsa

Muribrom® Block Bromadiolone 0,005 Fusion

Fusion block for use in situations of high humidity. · Very persistent and appetizing in extreme conditions. Ideal bait for treatments in sewers or areas of extreme humidity. With built-in rod for hanging. Great resistance to attack of fungi and insects. Waxed.


(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.

How to use

Interior y alrededor de edificaciones:

  • Ratas de 100 a 200 gr. por punto de cebo
  • Ratones de 60 a 100. gr. por punto de cebo

Áreas abiertas y vertederos:

  • Ratas 100- 200 gr por punto de cebo


  • Ratas 100-200 gr por alcantarilla