DIPTRON® Fogger | Insecticida | Ganadería | Quimunsa


Complete discharge aerosol insecticide-larvicide

Fast and fulminant action against all kinds of crawling and flying insects. Multipurpose Insecticide with great shock and penetration effect.

Application by automatic fogging inside warehouses, buildings, means of transport, containers, environments with pets, etc. The product is completely discharged once the valve is pressed.

150 ml

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.


  • Persistence up to 2 months.
  • Does not stain, does not smell.
  • Good knock-down.
  • Does not cause retreat.
  • With the Etofenprox molecule, it eliminates the irritating and sensitizing effect of common pyrethroids.
  • Effective alternative against resistant insects.
  • Product suitable for treating hard-to-reach places, false ceilings, under roofs.

How to use

It works by pressing the valve-button. 1 container for 100m3.