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CORPOL Wood Blue-stain

Protector for the treatment of wood blue-stain

Powerful preventive fungicide against the action of chromogenic fungi. Microemulsifiable concentrate in water, formulated based on three broad-spectrum fungicides, from the family of triazoles, carbamates and quaternary ammoniums.

Temporarily protects the wood against damage caused by bluish chromogenic fungi of the genera Ceratocystis and Ceratotomella, and molds of the genus Trichoderma.

Control of a wide spectrum of the most common chromogenic fungi such as: Aerobasidum pullulans, Aspergillus Níger, Sclerophom pithyophila.

1.000 kg

Propiconazole 3% – IPBC 5% – Bardap 3%

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.


  • Triple broad-spectrum fungicide for the protection of freshly sawn wood.
  • Inhibits spore germination.
  • Maximum fixation in the wood fiber.
  • Does not alter the appearance or properties of the wood.
  • Free of chloride.
  • Does not stain.
  • Does not produce unpleasant odours.
  • It is not corrosive.
  • Low foaming capacity.