CORPOFEN PROFESIONAL JC-CTPI-3 AUTOCLAVE | Cuidado madera | Protección madera industrial

CORPOFEN Professional JC-CTPI-3 Autoclave

Preventive and curative organic protector of wood against xylophagous organisms

Deep treatment using vacuum-vacuum autoclave systems, both immersion and spraying. In-depth protection against xylophagous organisms (woodworms, termites) and rotting fungi.

Preventive and curative wood protector against xylophagous organisms up to use class 3. Contains an insecticide (Cypermethrin) and formulated with three fungicides (Propiconazole, Tebuconazole, IPBC) which gives it a broad spectrum of action against wood fungi.

1.000 L

Cypermethrin 40/60 0,175% – Propiconazole 0,30% – Tebuconazole 0,30% – IPBC 0,30%

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.


  • Protection of wood inside and outside.
  • Uniform distribution and high penetration and fixing power.
  • Facilitates the dimensional stabilization of the wood.
  • Does not produce delamination of glued pieces.
  • Treated wood does not produce oxidation on metallic elements.
  • Allows the application of subsequent decorative finishes with open-pore products.
  • Does not color the wood.
  • Highlights the original grain.