AQUABAC® 200G | Insecticidas | Quimunsa


Granulated Biological Larvicide

Indicated for the control of mosquito larvae, Culicidae, including the genera Culex spp. and Aedes spp. (Ochlerotatus).

It is an insecticide whose active ingredient is the bacterium Bacillusthuringiensis serotype H-14, whose spores are effective against mosquito larvae.

(*) Always use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before using the product.

How to use

Action mode
It acts by ingestion in the larval cycle after the absorption of the product.

How to use
The application is made by spreading the granule on the surface to be treated.

Dosage of use
It is used in a proportion of 15 kg/ha (ready to use) and to apply to the entire surface of the water to be treated.

Application frequency
The number of applications varies according to the irrigation (rainfall, artificial irrigation). In general, the number of applications is from 1 to 8 per year.